About Forterra

Forterra is a publicly traded company. (Nasdaq: FRTA) Forterra has grown steadily to become a leading manufacturer of water-related drainage and transmission products in the United States and eastern Canada. Today, we are a market leader across all of our business divisions, which include drainage pipe & products, water pipe & products, structural & specialty products, and stormwater management systems.

Our extensive suite of end-to-end products covers “the first mile to the last mile” of the water infrastructure grid, ranging from large diameter pipe that transports water to and from treatment centers and manages drainage along major transportation corridors, to smaller diameter pipe that delivers potable water to, and removes wastewater from, end users in residential and commercial settings.

Throughout our growth, however, we have remained focused on why we continue to expand: So we can better serve our customers. We employ a specialized technical sales force, including engineers and field service representatives, which enables us to deliver a high degree of customer service and create tailored solutions.

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Water Pipe & Products

Forterra Water Pipe & Products is the leading manufacturer and a principal supplier of ductile iron pipe and fabricated products for use in the water and wastewater industries in the United States and Canada. Providing custom solutions to owners, engineers and contractors for even the most demanding applications, including water transmission and distribution lines, plant piping, and other diverse applications. 

With 14 manufacturing and fabrication facilities throughout the United States, U.S. Pipe, a Forterra company, is uniquely positioned to meet customer expectations from project design to project completion. As a comprehensive solution provider and the industry leading supplier of pressure pipe, our product offerings also include the necessary components and fabricated items required to ensure completion. It's a one-resource approach that makes us the preferred brand among distributors, contractors and engineers.
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Drainage Pipe & Products

Forterra Drainage Pipe & Products manufacturing plants have been supplying reinforced concrete pipe and structural precast since the early 1900s. Our pipe is available in round, arch and elliptical shapes and in all strength classes. Our precast product line includes sanitary and storm sewer products, as well as water quality and interceptor chambers. And our technical resource engineers and in-house design teams are here to help make your job easier.

Drainage Pipe & Products' engineers can help you spec your projects whether they're subdivisions, roadways, runways or sewer systems. We bring a level of expertise that goes well beyond our comprehensive product line, from pipe and drainage technology to bridge systems, utility solutions, and more.
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Stormwater Management Solutions

We know the science behind successful stormwater management solutions. And with a vast understanding of various state and local regulations, we can optimize design and maximize feasibility. With this knowledge, and more, as a starting point, Stormwater Management Systems brings expertise, experience and reliable products to every phase of system development from design to installation.

Bio Clean, a Forterra company, has been setting the industry standard since its inception in 1999. It all began with a modest goal of helping municipalities meet stormwater regulations. From there, the assignments grew more complex and product development grew in response. Today, with thousands of installations nationwide, we are leaders in every category of stormwater solutions.
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Structural & Specialty Products

Structural & Specialty Products is a leading manufacturer of innovative architectural concrete products. Our Structural division builds the nation's bridges, parking structures, sports stadiums, residential and commercial structures, industrial facilities, institutional buildings and churches. Our Specialty division excels at providing electrical/telecom vaults, duct bank, water quality systems and wall systems, including MSE, gravity and noisewall products

By setting new standards for innovation and engineering, we've helped build and maintain the infrastructure of America. We're a leading supplier of pre-stressed and precast concrete products in the U.S. And we've been delivering customized solutions and unrivaled expertise backed by years of research, engineering, testing and development. Our experienced personnel are among the best and brightest in the industry.
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