United States Pipe & Foundry Company US Patent Information

As contemplated by the Patent Act (35 U.S.C. § 287), United States Pipe and Foundry Company ("U.S. Pipe") hereby gives notice to the public that the following articles U.S. Pipe makes, offers for sale, or sells are patented (or are for use in a patented system, method, or combination), as indicated by the table below associating the patented article (by the name under which U.S. Pipe sells the article) with the number of the applicable patent(s):

Separation-Resistant Pipe Joint 10555973

Device for Securing Telescoped Pipe


Reduced Imperfection Weld for Ductile Iron Pipe


MJ FIELD LOK® Restraining Gasket

7,093,863; 7,104,573; 7,108,289

HP LOK® Centroidally Twistable Compression Ring


MJ Restrain Gasket for PVC


MJ Pipe Gland

D514,669; D515,673; D593,642; D513,793; D620,086

Anti-Corrosive Coating for Metal Surfaces


NXT® Joint System

8,511,690; 8,511,691; 8,528,184; 8,533,926; 8,544,851; plus other applications pending.

Non-Destructive Thickness Measurement Systems and Methods


Protective Coating for Metal Surfaces


Centrifugal Casting Method and Apparatus 8,733,424

Simplified Low Insertion Force Sealing Device Capable of

Self Restraint and Joint Deflection

8,925,977 B2
Gasket for Parabolic Ramp Self Restraining Bell Joint 8,870,188
Simplified Low Insertion Force Restraining Device 8,925,977


1 "For Use Under". The designation in the above table of a product as being "For Use Under" a U.S. Patent indicates that the product is configured for use in, or is sold in anticipation that it would be used in, a patented system, combination, or method as claimed in the identified patent. Coverage by a patent referred to in this way may depend on the circumstances of use or combination, and you should consult an attorney to determine whether your particular use, system, or combination is implicated.