TR FLEX Restrained Joint Pipe

U.S. Pipe TR FLEX Ductile Iron PipeThe TR FLEX® is capable of accomodating traditional open trench projects, as well as horizontal directional drilling (HDD) applications, the TR FLEX®  line of products is a flexible and reliable option. Easily disassembled. Sizes 4" - 24" suitable for 350 psi working pressures; 250 psi working pressures for 30" - 36". Perfect for HDD applications.

Installation Video for 4 - 20" TR FLEX Joint

Installation Video fo 24 - 36" TR FLEX Joint

Product Downloads

  • TR FLEX Sales Information Sheet

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  • TR FLEX Ductile Iron Pipe and Fittings Submittal Information

    Restrained Joint Ductile Iron Pipe and Fittings

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  • TR FLEX and HP LOK Telescoping Sleeves 4"-64"

    U.S. Pipe Telescoping Sleeves are Ductile Iron restrained joint fittings which can be utilized to provide expansion and contraction capability in a pipeline. Telescoping sleeves are available with TR FLEX ends for 4" through 24" sizes and with HP LOK ends for 30" through 64" sizes. The restrained joints of the telescoping sleeves are suitable for 350psi operating pressure in all sizes. Standard lining and coating is a petroleum asphaltic material.

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  • TR FLEX Ductile Iron Pipe & Fittings (Spanish Version)

    Las tuberías y los accesorios TR FLEX® ofrecen juntas flexibles de empuje ancladas para tuberías y accesorios de hierro dúctil de 4 a 64 pulgadas. Las juntas sirven para presiones de trabajo de 350 psi para tuberías y accesorios de 4 a 24 pulgadas, y presiones de trabajo de 250 psi para tamaños de 30 a 36 pulgadas.

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  • TR FLEX Ductile Iron Pipe and Fittings (Spanish/Metric Version)

    Especificaciónes Generales: Dimensiones y Masas

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  • Field Cutting & Welding for TR FLEX Pipe

    Pipe installations may require field cutting, particularly where fittings are used. By planning ahead, many field cuts can be made in the portion of the line involving standard TYTON JOINT® Pipe thus eliminating the need to field weld the TR FLEX Pipe.

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Product Information

Product Information
Horizontal Directional Drilling with TR FLEX® Pipe
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FAQs // TR FLEX Restrained Joint Pipe

There are many variables that determine the length of pull. The type of soil, size of equipment, amount, concentration and viscosity of the bentonite in the drilling mud are just a few of the variables that can determine the length of the pull. The longest pull to date was 2120 feet of 12” TR FLEX® pipe.

Soil conditions can vary widely and change dramatically within the length of the intended pull, it is for this reason that consideration be given to take soil samples at regular intervals along the intended bore-path at the depth of the bore. This information would enable the drilling operator to adjust the bentonite mixture, viscosity and add any other stabilizing additives as per the bentonite manufactures recommendations.

Double poly-wrap is recommended either with the first layer being the low-density poly with high-density over the outside or double wrapped with low-density.

Spiral winding is easier to do in a muddy trench and also does not allow the drilling mud to build-up underneath the poly-wrap causing it to balloon. All over-lapped edges of the poly-wrap should be taped except for the over-lapped poly along the length of the barrel, where the spiral winding is sufficient.