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        TR-XTREME Restrained Joint Pipe

        TR XTREME Seismic Pipe TR-XTREME® pipe is designed for areas of seismic activity. TR-XTREME joints provide 2.9" of extension capability to accommodate ground settlement and soil liquefaction during earthquakes while providing joint flexibility up to 5° for 6", 8", 12", and 16" diameters. TR-XTREME is also available in 20" and 24" diameters, and 20" provides up to 4° deflection, and 24" provides up to 3° deflection repectively.  The TR-XTREME joint is a patented joint that incorporates technology we’ve learned from over 40 years of designing restrained joints for the water works industry.  The TR-XTREME joint is one of the strongest and most robustly designed restrained joints for water works and seismic market.  The TR-XTREME restrained joint utilizes the time proven and drop-tight TYTON®GASKET for a reliable drop tight seal.  The features incorporated into the TR-XTREME restrained joint design help insure that when disaster strikes, water will be available in times of emergency. 

        Click here for a detailed instructional on TR-XTREME: Installation Video for TR-XTREME Seismic Resistant Pipe

        See the TR-XTREME installed in Eugene Oregon on soil that could potentially landslide.


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        • TR-XTREME Pipe

          Earthquake Resistant Pipe for Hazardous Conditions

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