Adapt-A-Bell Mechanical Joint Threaded Adapter

The U.S. Pipe ADAPT-A-BELL™ adapter is a threaded adapter for mechanical joints on ductile iron pipe. Adhering to AWWA C151/A21.51 governing Ductile Iron Pipe, centrifugally cast for water, the adapter is available in diameters 4” through 24”.

Adapt-A-Bell adapter can be used on any threaded ductile iron pipe requiring a mechanical joint. The flanged end of the adapter provides two different mounting options as the holes provided alternate between as cast and threaded holes.  The adapter is rated to 350 psi.

The most notable feature about the Adapt-A-Bell adapter is the overall thickness of the adapter. The "S" dimension is a minimum bell thickness per ANSI/AWWA C111/A21.11. The adapter not only exceeds this thickness requirement at the point of measure, it maintains the “S” dimension thickness requirement throughout the threaded section of the casting. This section provides a stronger and more robust connection for the rugged demands of plant work applications. 

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