M-FLEX 15° Deflection Fitting

U.S. Pipe M-FLEX™ restrained joint fitting is a ball joint fitting that provides up to 15° of deflection that is ideally suited for underwater installations where the high cost of equipment and manpower emphasizes the importance of ease and speed of assembly.
The assembly of M-FLEX ball and socket is the same as our USIFLEX® joint, however, the short lay length of the M-FLEX with bell and spigot ends can be connected between standard TR FLEX®, HP-LOK® or HDSS® pipe. This arrangement allows the designer or installer to quickly and easily make field additions without long lead times and downtime. M-FLEX can also be supplied with plain end x plain end TR FLEX, HP-LOK or HDSS restrained spigots or mechanical joint plain end x mechanical joint bell to make tie-ins, connections or the transition to over land piping.

M-FLEX is not only for river crossings or underwater applications but can be utilized on any projects requiring large amounts of deflection. Another benefit of M-FLEX, used in conjunction with our restrained joints, is that the deflection of the restrained joint is also available. This provides an additional 1 to 8° of deflection depending upon the type of restrained joint pipe used. M-FLEX can also be used with TR EXTREME® seismic piping.

M-FLEX Fitting

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    M-FLEX Restrained Joint Ball Fitting for Ductile Iron Pipe

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