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        TR TELE FLEX? Coupling

        With its deflection and extension capabilities, this coupling is suitable in areas where ground movement may result from unstable soil conditions or in earthquake-prone zones.

        • Consists of two XTRA FLEX® Couplings and a TR FLEX® Telescoping Sleeve.
        • The XTRA FLEX Couplings serve to give the unit its deflection and offset capabilities while the TR FLEX Telescoping Sleeve allows the unit to elongate and contract.
        • The TR TELE FLEX Coupling is shipped preassembled and palletized and protected with polyethylene encasement.

        Product Downloads

        • TR TELE FLEX® Coupling

          View and/or download to learn more about U.S. Pipe's TR TELE FLEX® Coupling.

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        FAQs // TR TELE FLEX? Coupling

        Yes, wrapping the TR FLEX® telescoping sleeve and TR TELE FLEX® coupling will prevent dirt from becoming impacted in the joint, and could prevent movement.