XTRA FLEX® Fittings

Utilizing the proven thrust restraint features of the TR FLEX® Pipe and Fittings product line, the XTRA FLEX® Coupling provides an exceptionally strong joint with a high degree of deflection.

  • Deflections up to four times that of a single TR FLEX Pipe or Fitting joint are possible.
  • Fittings have a rated working pressure of 350 psi, except 24", which is 250 psi.
  • For water, wastewater and industrial applications.

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  • XTRA FLEX® Fittings

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FAQs // XTRA FLEX® Fittings

Repair is achieved by first cutting out the defective or damaged lining to the metal so that the edges of the lining not removed are reasonably perpendicular to the pipe wall or slightly undercut. A stiff mortar is then prepared, containing not less than one part of cement to two parts of sand, by volume. This mortar is applied to the cutout area and troweled smooth with adjoining lining. To provide for proper curing of patches by preventing too rapid of a moisture loss from the mortar, the patched area is normally seal-coated immediately after any surface water evaporates, or alternatively the area is kept moist (e.g. with wet rags or burlap over the area or with the ends of the pipe or fitting taped over with plastic film, etc.). Of course, in potable water-related applications, no patch or curing components should be used in the repair that would negatively affect health or water quality.