FIELD LOK 350® - Red Gasket

The gold standard for push-on joint restraint, but with a distinguishable U.S. Pipe red color.  U.S. Pipe's FIELD LOK 350® - Red Gasket is an extremely successful, trouble-free means of joint restraint in 4" - 24" sizes for well over one million Ductile Iron pipe and fitting joint assemblies across North America.

  • No pipe surface preparation or grooving is required for field cut pipe other than the cut end needing to be beveled as required for any push-on joint spigot end.
  • Joints are restrained without thrust blocks, bolts, grooves, rods, clamps or retainer glands, resulting in savings of labor, material and time.
  • Available in 4" - 24" sizes (350 psi)
  • Bright Red Color for easy identification 
  • For sizes larger than 24" see TR Flex® or HP LOK® Restrained Joint products

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  • Field LOK 350® - Red Gasket

    Field LOK 350 - Red Gasket

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