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        TYTON JOINT Ductile Iron Pipe International

        TYTON JOINT® is U.S. Pipe’s trademark for ductile iron pipe with a push-on type connection. Simplicity, sturdiness and watertightness are built into the system by design. Convincing proof of its worldwide acceptance is shown by the fact that more than 95% of the pipe now sold by U.S. Pipe is TYTON JOINT Pipe.

        TYTON JOINT Pipe is available in sizes DN 100 through DN 1600. Sizes DN 100 through DN 900 are available in nominal 5.5 meter laying lengths. DN 100 through DN 1600 sizes are available in nominal 6 meter laying lengths.

        Click to see video of TYTON Joint Ductile Iron Pipe with Metallic Zinc Coating

        Product Downloads

        • TYTON Sales Information Sheet - International

          View PDF
        • TYTON JOINT® Pipe & Fittings (Metric Version)

          General Specifications: Dimensions and Masses

          View PDF
        • TYTON JOINT® Pipe & Fittings (versión Española)

          TYTON® Joint es la marca registrada de U.S. Pipe para tuberías con conexciones tipo empuje. La simplicidad, durabilidad y estanquedad del sistema no fueron realizados al azar si no por diseño.

          View PDF
        • TYTON JOINT® Pipe & Fittings (versión Española / métrico)

          Especificaciones Generales: Dimensiones y Masas

          View PDF

        Product Information

        Product Information
        Tyton Joint Pipe Product Animation
        View Animation