Horizontal Directional Drilling / Trenchless Applications and Pulling Heads

People across the country are finding out that Ductile Iron pipe is an ideal choice for Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) and for Pipe Bursting. The same great qualities of ruggedness, durability and dependability that make Ductile Iron pipe the choice for water systems across the nation are the same qualities that make it the right choice for Trenchless Technology. The proven and reliable TR FLEX® and HP LOK® Restrained Joint, ensures quick and easy assembly with the great strength needed for the toughest trenchless jobs. Another benefit to our pipe is that the same standard restrained joint, with a nominal pipe length of 18-ft or 20-ft, can be used for either HDD or pipe bursting, no need for expensive special pipe with long lead times, standard restrained joint pipe is usually in stock. The nominal 18-ft or 20-ft lay lengths not only pull in quickly but also are convenient to use with the cartridge method when working in tight city streets or congested urban areas.

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  • Trenchless Applications with Ductile Iron Pipe & Pulling Heads

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