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U.S. Pipe Fabrication, a divison of U.S. Pipe and a Forterra company, was incorporated in August 1991 with the goal of consolidating a significant number of small shops into a single, centrally owned, locally managed producer of ductile iron pipe fabrications.U.S. Pipe Fabrication Custom Fab Pipe

The U.S. Pipe Fabrication business plan is based on getting a quality product into the hands of the customer in a short time. Market areas are effectively restricted by shipping times and delivery constraints to an area within three hundred miles of each shop. To insure prompt deliveries to a growing geographic market, U.S. Pipe Fabrication elected to grow through the addition of shops in many diverse locations rather than expanding a single facility in a selected single city.

The first branch was opened in Louisville, Kentucky during the month of August 1991 and within two years of incorporation U.S. Pipe Fabrication had expanded it’s effective market area from three to twenty-three states by acquiring existing establishments in Virginia, New England and South Carolina.

From 1994 to 1998 an acquisition was made in Louisiana and subsequently closed after the start up the large Kansas operation was completed. During this period, two U.S. Pipe Fabrication locations on the West coast were purchased from Certainteed Corporation in the Spring of 1996. These branches expanded company coverage to the entire United States and broadened the product line to include hydrostatic test pumps, large steel fabrications, and a variety of specialized linings and coatings including glass and fusion bonded epoxy.U.S. Pipe Fabrication Flanged Pipe

In the Summer of 2000 the company filled a void in its coast to coast sales when the opportunity arose to purchase B & R Pipe Fabrication in Texas. B & R operated successful shops in both Texas and Arizona (the AZ plant has since been closed due to it’s close proximity to the Southern California plant).

In January of 2001 U.S. Pipe Fabrication acquired Vitco® Corporation of Erie, PA. This high profile acquisition made us the only glass-lining manufacturer for process piping in the country at this time.

Between 2005 and 2006 U.S. Pipe Fabrication acquired the ductile iron fabrication assets of Anvil International of Portland, Oregon and Reno, Nevada as well as starting up a large fabrication facility in Ocala, Florida. The Reno, Nevada operation has since been closed. In 2013, U.S. Pipe Fabrication acquired Fab Pipe in Rogers, MN, further enhancing our coverage area.

In 2015, U.S. Pipe Fabrication acquired the assets of Custom Fab, which had facilities in Orlando, Atlanta, Phoenix, Portland, Philadelphia, and San Antonio,  Since that acquisition, a consolidation of the Portland locations has occurred and locations in Los Angeles and Ocala have been discontinued due to their proximity to other U.S. Pipe Fabrication facilities.  

These business opportunities have further promoted our company mission of providing ductile iron pipe fabrication service centers in key market areas around the country.  Currently, U.S. Pipe Fabrication is the nation's largest ductile iron fabricator, operating fourteen locations across the United States. 

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