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        Our Capabilities

        Ductile Iron: 3" - 64"


        Steel: 3" - 48" (call for availability of larger O.D.)
        Fabricated manifolds & fittings, canal crossings & fan guards, valve wrenches, pipe supports, vent piping, etc.


        Specialty Linings and Coatings:
        Glass Lining: SG-14® for ductile iron in sizes 3" - 36".


        Fusion Bonded Epoxy: ScotchKote 206N (teal) for fabricated steel pipe and fittings, and for ductile iron pipe and fittings.


        Ceramic Epoxy: Protecto 401 for ductile iron pipe and fittings. Available in sizes 4" - 64".


        Shop Primers: Tnemec 37H, 46H-413, 90-97, and N140

        (Other linings and coatings available upon request.)


        Latest CAD technology.
        Line drawings for fabricated steel.

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