Fittings (all types)

U.S. Pipe Fabrication does not manufacture ductile iron fittings, but we inventory most of the common fittings used in our industry from flanged to mechanical joint and grooved. Both domestic and import ductile iron fittings are available and manufactured under the standards approved by AWWA and ANSI.

Several of our facilities also inventory Protecto 401 lined fittings:

Saginaw, Texas
Marysville, CA
Portland, OR

If a need arises whereby a fitting is required that is not readily available or has to be of a non-standard dimension U.S. Pipe Fabrication can quickly fabricate one to you exact specifications at our steel fab shop located in Marysville, CA. These steel fabricated fittings will conform to AWWA standards. They can also be lined and/or coated as required.

Ductile Iron Pipe C110 Fitting     Ductile Iron Pipe C153 Fittings
Ductile Iron Pipe TR FLEX Fitting     Ductile Iron Pipe Tee

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