Wall Pipe & Thrust Collars

U.S. Pipe Fabrication can meet all of your wall pipe configurations needs. Currently no ANSI/ AWWA standards exist for wall pipe. Fabricated wall pipe use steel components in combination with the following: Cast or thread-on MJ bells (can be tapped for studs), Flanges (can be tapped for studs) and welded on wall or thrust collars.

All collars are attached by continuous welding. The standard wall collar is welded on one side and not designed for thrust loading. Wall collars can be supplied welded on both sides at an additional charge. Thrust collars are welded on both sides and rated as listed in the brochure. If a higher thrust collar rating is needed contact your local sales representative for special pricing. For submittal information please refer to the links below.

Ductile Iron Pipe Wall Pipe and Thrust Collar     Ductile Iron Pipe Wall Pipe and Thrust Collars

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